Pole Inspection

Wood Pole Inspection

Power companies, schools, and municipalities nationwide rely on dependable wood utility poles. A blackout or a downed power pole would spell disaster at a big game, sold-out event, or busy intersection. Safety, dependability, and liability are key concerns for owners of wood utility poles, telephone poles, athletic field poles, rope course poles and ballfield poles. Wood pole inspection and pole maintenance services result in regulatory compliance and dependable power.

Add life to your utility system with power pole inspection and maintenance

Install Safety Features on Power Poles

  • Install ID tags and Warning High Voltage sign
  • Install guy markers and inspect guy anchors
  • Cut off excess guy tails and remove old guy anchors in the right of way
  • Remove old pole butts and/or fill in old pole butt holes that create a hazard
  • Install protective bear guard

Repair/Replace Power Poles

  • Repair meter housings
  • Repair/replace broken U-guards
  • Repair utility ground
  • Apply protective preservative to power poles 
  • Reinforce poles that would otherwise need to be replaced

Inspect and Test Equipment

  • Inspect lines and report code violations
  • Inspect meters and install meters
  • Test ground resistance (OHM)
  • Measure line sag

Document Power Systems

  • Create GPS maps & GIS surveys of utility systems 
  • Record inventory utility assets (construction units)
  • Photograph utility systems
  • Build power system connectivity model for OMS

Perform Joint Use Audits

  • Eliminate favoritism through neutral third-party inspection
  • Use GPS coordinates and photos for accurate documentation
  • Enable owners to charge users a fair share

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