Pole Inspection

Let us find the bad poles before the storm does!

While testing poles we can also:

  • Test ground resistance (OHM)
  • Install ID tags and Warning High Voltage sign
  • Install guy guards and inspect guy anchors
  • Perform line inspection and report code violations
  • Measure┬áline sag
  • Inventory utility assets (construction units)
  • GPS
  • Remedial treatment
  • Meter repair and inspection
  • Repair/replace┬ábroken U-guards
  • Install communication bonds to utility ground
  • Install protective bear guard mesh
  • Repair utility ground

Wood pole maintenance manual (linked)

Have some utility pole questions?  Chances are this independant study from Oregon State can answer your questions.

Joint use audit

Need to know who is attached to your facilities?  A third party inspection can solve this mystery.  Accurate records with GPS coordinates can safisify both companies sharing a structure.