Committed to Providing Quality Service

High quality of service is preached and practiced down to the smallest of details. The crew at Karcz prides itself on quality, efficiency and forward thinking. These attributes help utilities save dollars, reduce liability, and increase system dependability. 

Midwest Utility Contractor 

is a second-generation, family-owned utility contractor large enough to serve its home base of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

Add Life to your Utility Systems

Add life to your utility systems with expert inspections and maintenance by a crew of utility professionals. Wisconsin-based Karcz Utility Service performs utility inspections, mapping, and maintenance throughout the Midwest. We partner with electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and investor- owned utilities to keep power flowing. Outages aren’t just inconvenient; they can be dangerous and expensive. Proactive utility inspections result in insurance and regulatory compliance and dependable power.  

Committed to Providing Quality Service

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Karcz Utility Service is a high-quality, efficient, and forward-thinking contractor whose crews provide expert utility services. Contact us today to solve your utility system problems for power poles and distribution power grids.